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Do It Yourself Credit Card, Secured & Unsecured Debt Elimination, Redemption Program & More.
In the Do It Yourself Program you will get a DVD ROM disc approx 4.5 gigs of data with all the instructions and forms you will need
to eliminate almost anything in your life from credit cards to traffic tickets to IRS tax liens and more. Take control of your life by taking your identity back from the state and federal governments. This DVD Disc will give you things that your lawyer/attorney most likely does not know or cannot do since attorneys are officers of the court first and legal counsel to you second, meaning they must follow the  judges instruction over your instruction, and many were most likely not taught these things in law school. all this is 100% legal and ethical and conforms to the constitution of the united States as it was meant to be by the founding fathers. Taking and owning control of your life means a world of difference in how you are treated and the quality of your personal life and livelihood. Our current statutory system has run amuck with control and deceit against its people, especially in Income Taxes the banking system. You are paying money to the banks by their design and it is illegal for them to take advantage of you. You are or may be paying taxes that you do not legally owe. If you are an American or naturalized Citizen you do not owe any federal or state income taxes. This program can teach you all you need to know to stop paying and even recover back tax payments you have already made. In the eyes of the Government you are a dead corporation that they need to make decisions, judgments for and hold control over. You are manipulated by the system under this kind of existence. The redemption program makes you a foreigner to the UNITED STATES (yes all caps) is the incorporated UNITED STATES. You as a Sovereign are a foreigner to that system and thus they have no jurisdiction over YOU the LIVING MAN OR WOMAN.

Taking back your identity means you can live free and tell the system where to get off when it comes to you and your personal or commercial affairs.

Take control and live with greater freedom

A sample of the things found on this disc are:

Credit card elimination programs (2 different types), A letter writing program and a non-confrontational program, which is to discharge by Bond or by international bill of exchange. THIS IS NEW. With a new ability to use the IBOE's
A far better alternative than bankruptcy, where you will come out ahead and even with a better credit score, and no bankruptcy on your credit reports.
A means to easily discharge traffic violations without paying them.
UCC-1 filing to take Your Identity back from the Government.
Many different special Power of Attorney forms.
Bond forms and instructions.
If you want to use the confrontational credit elimination program there is a program for that as well.
You will get a personal coach to walk you through every step of the process no matter what it is you are trying to accomplish from this disc.
There are no hidden fees. There will be postage to mail out your letters, and some filing cost on some of the programs. If you need help on another item on the disc you may contact your personal coach any time you need.
You do not have to have a minimum credit balance on your credit cards like the do it for you programs do.
A do it yourself credit repair program is included at no extra charge.
Audio files that explain many of the secrets of the banking system that allow you to eliminate your credit cards legally and why it is legal.
Kick the IRS out of your life.
This program will provide immunities to you against thousands of State & Federal laws and the IRS codes
This program can be used by the entire family and your friends. (However there will be no coach for anyone not listed in our files as not having purchased the program).
You can if you wish take total ownership of your vehicles back from the state DMV's on your vehicles. This removes any state interest from your vehicles and they cannot tell you, you have to register your vehicles with them anymore.
And Much More.
Ask your coach using the form below to find out more on what you can do with this program.
NOTE: This program is not to be used to pay a debt with a friend, it can only be used to pay contracts with the banking and government systems.
This program is a private administrative remedy between you and the bank.

This program is half the price or less than the do it for you programs because you will be filling out the forms and doing the due diligence yourself  rather than paying someone else to do this work for you. This may take up more time than you can afford so a wise decision is required for this program. Ask us and we will help you decide which is best for you. You can do a lot more with this program than the do it for you programs, however If you are not up to doing this and you are the type that will not follow through correctly or have the time required for this, then click here for the Do It For You Programs found on the Internet would be a better choice for you. Be honest with yourself here because not following through can cost you a great deal of money and will crash your attempts to eliminate your unsecured debts in the required format. It could also get you into a law suit with the banks.

This program will enable you to eliminate any debt of any kind at any time without further cost that deals with the banking system.
There is far more on this disc than just credit card elimination.

This program will give you all the tools you will need to discharge most anything in the system of commerce. Changing your citizenship from statutory to common law as it was meant to be by the original constitution of the united states will return you to a diplomatic standing of citizenship very much like “Diplomatic Immunity”. This means that no one from the corporate UNITED STATES has any jurisdiction over you in any way, they cannot force you to do or pay anything of their world, from you in your new world. There are two completely different worlds, when you revert your citizenship back to a sovereign they can no longer reach into your world and request or demand anything of you.
After the change of citizenship is complete you are then able to write bonds to discharge your past bills like credit cards, auto loans, taxes and so on, plus more. There are to many uses for this process to list them all on this site.

NEW UPDATE 5/11 to this program is the ability to discharge by money order. This has been around for several years but it had a problem with it that did not allow them to be used legally. This problem has been solved with the use of routing numbers very similar to the bank checks you use now.

There is no minimum credit card balance required on this card program like there is on most other programs.
Plus you can take a cash advance on your credit card to pay for this program the same as you can for the others and thus get any of these programs for FREE.
There is no refund after receiving this DVD Disc.

GUARANTEE: This program has no guarantee for two reasons.
1. It is a software disk that can be copied after you receive it.
2. There is no way we can guarantee you will follow through with the instructions and coaching provided to complete the desired   

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Redemption & Discharge Debts Program
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All information presented here is for education purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.
Read all the presented information before making any choice to eliminate your credit cards or other debts.