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This occurred on Jan 15th 2006

Recently I have been receiving a lot of information about the Galactic Federation of planets that are orbiting earth in thousands of spacecraft. These sources are numerous from emails to phone calls and conversations with channeler's from another dimension.

All this information has led me to read and listen to what the Galactic Federation has to say to humanity regarding what is known as FIRST CONTACT. As a light worker for several decades now I find what I am hearing to be not only believable but also I am finding myself rooting for the collapse of the current government, which is the last straw needed to open the way for the open landing of these federation ships.

It has been several weeks at this time since I started to read and discuss the federation's landing on earth. One night while I was sleeping, I had the opportunity to visit one of their ships in a conscious state rather than in physical form. My visit was very enjoyable to say the least. Here is how it went.

I was sleeping and I knew it because I could feel the bed and blankets upon my body, then suddenly I was standing in what appeared to be a very nice also very large shopping mall. There were at least two levels to this particular area of this mall. I started out on the upper level with thousands of other people all around me in the hallways. As I looked around, I saw that it was very nicely decorated with floral positioned in various places. There were palm trees and marble floors and multi colored walls. As I looked up there was a whitish glass long dome shaped ceiling which ran the length of the hallway and let in a generous amount of light to illuminate the hallways. The only thing I noticed right away was that there were no stores in this mall, but that didn't seen unusual for some reason. As I was walking down this corridor toward a room, I noticed that a few of the people seemed different from the rest but I was unaware of why they seemed different. I didn't question it at all at first. Then approx 2 to 3 hundred of us went into one room that was quite dark inside. Once inside I saw several small monitors on the black walls that angled out on a 45-degree angle for viewing movies for one or two people. You could push them back into the walls easily to conceal them from sight. I started to watch one of them with some people near me and we seemed to be questioning where we were and why we were there. Then all of a sudden a man appeared at one end of the room, which was a stage area, and he also appeared on the little monitor as well. He seemed to become part of the movie on the monitor by magic and seamlessly integrated into it but somehow I knew he was not pre-recorded into the little move prior to his appearance in the room.

He seemed more like the one's I noticed out in the hallway that appeared different from the thousand of others I was standing with. He began to speak but I couldn't make out what he was saying very clearly. Then the other end of the room became alive with activity. It was a skit with actors of the same demeanor as the others that stood out. There was a structure on the stage that resembled an incomplete wooden structure of a house being built. Just in front of that was a scaffolding that the actors were erecting to demonstrate what seemed to be gravity to the audience. They put up two legs and then a crosswalk type of a platform. There was music and dancing going on by the actors. All of a sudden the crosswalk was dropped into place as it pivoted on one peg down onto the opposite side peg on the other scaffold upright. At this point all the actors pulled out what looked somewhat like guns. They aimed them at the audience and pulled the triggers firing them at each one of us. Now thinking about this you would think that everyone would be afraid and start to scramble, yet no one did not even me. The guns were not loaded with bullets. In fact, they were some kind of an activation for the people in the room. The feeling that came over me and I am sure everyone else was one of peace and relaxation and patience. This was something the Galactic Federation is doing with millions of people all over the earth to prepare them for the arrival of the first contact landing on earth in a more physical form.

This gun looked something like this.

The next morning after all this happened I woke to a different feeling within that was more peaceful and harmonious toward others. I knew that what they are doing is happening to millions all over the planet. Much of what I have read of their messages is in preparation of many of us to help others cope with what might seem like an alien invasion. When they appear in the sky's above our heads there will be some very frightened people that will think they are being invaded and destroyed as we see in most of our movies. The fact is that, that is not their purpose her at all. They are here to welcome us into the federation of planets as there allies and family. They are the ones that seeded earth all those millennia ago and are now back to welcome us back into their family of friends. We are to become space travelers just like them but there is some work to be done before we are given that type of technology.

This work is to remove all the barriers to Ascension in the minds of man and to remove the last cable as they call it to allow the negative energies of thought to be removed once and for all. This energy is being held together by those that believe that the current governments of earth are a necessary evil even though they may dislike what they stand for and what they are doing to humanity. In addition, this type of thinking wishes and helps them to continue to exist. However, we do not need any such thing to continue to enslave us at all. As people learn that they are enslaved they become enraged at how a government could do such a thing to them, after all they entrusted them to take care of our needs, not lie to us and steel from us in secret and devious ways.

Now for the really good news. This landing or first contact is going ahead weather we want it or not because the all that is has decreed that the dark energies will fail this time and they will loose control. This chapter of human existence as we have known it is coming to a close. We are to lifted up into the light of full consciousness and become aware of who we really are and where we came from. The technology that will be introduced to us will change our lives dramatically in all areas of our lives and world. This technology will enable us to quickly repair all the damage we have wrought upon the earth over so many eons very quickly. We will eventually no longer need hospitals or cars as we know them now. We will no longer be governed in the ways we are now, we will become the Sovereign beings we were meant to be and we will never have to go through the trials of human life we have been doing for so may millennia of time.

So join the welcoming of the Galactic Federation by opening your minds to the possibility of their landing this year of 2006, which is the year of change. In fact it is the year of great change. See The Year of the Dog