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You Can Get Out Of Debt & it May even be FREE
As you read through the information on this or any other debt relief site you will learn the truth.
The truth about the fraud perpetrated by the banking system and it may make you mad. It will also make you feel very uninformed about what goes on behind the scenes. Simply put the laws are very clear that a Bank cannot enter you into a contract if they are not loaning you anything. IE: Money. They are only taking your promissory note depositing it, and reselling it in order to make a fraudulent loan to you. In otherwords your signature funded the loan.  Read through the rest of this page and then click on the below link to read the law. If you follow the links there you will be taken to even more in-depth information regarding the laws that govern the banking system and the fraud they are putting on you, and the illegal taking of your money in exchange for nothing of value to you.

If you have credit cards as most Americans do you can use those cards to cover the cost of the programs listed here, by taking a cash advance on your credit card(s) to pay for the program. When you eliminate the credit card debt you get the program at no cost to you FREE. Most people think that a bank has given them money because they have a credit card from that bank, but the truth is that they never gave you anything tangible. They only contracted with you through deception by withholding the full truth about who funded that credit when you signed the agreement. You were then led to believe that you owed that bank money that you may have used on that credit card. YOU FUNDED THE AGREEMENT YOURSELF. Then they let you believe you should pay them YOUR money each month and with interest on top of that.

Your signature funded that agreement in full. The banks deposit your signature in their account against your future labors. They then transfer that on their books through electronic internal means and then are credited by the federal reserve for 9 times the amount of your agreement with that bank. it's a win win situation for the banks that never gave you a dime in real money or risked any of their own assets and all this was done without full disclosure of banking and federal laws to you.
When the banks do this it is in direct violation of usury laws, uniform commercial code and many other federal banking laws that say something that does not exist can not be created out of thin air.  Non disclosure voids any contract. See Debt Elimination facts Page for more.

How can such a con game be allowed? A few generations back, just as a new Congress and President were about to take office, and when many congressmen had left Washington, DC for their Christmas Holiday, laws drafted by international bankers to set up the Federal Reserve System were passed and purposely hurriedly through congress with little debate. Most people do not realize this, but the Federal Reserve also owns and controls the IRS. The IRS not owned by the Federal government and is incorporated in Puerto Rico for reasons of deception. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation and IS NOT a part of the government. The Federal Reserve is no more "Federal"  than Federal Express.

There are existing statutes, policies and procedures that banks and other financial institutions are required to follow, however Even a cursory examination of these laws reveals that modern lenders breach their contract with every customer! Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions advertise that they are in the business of lending money, but this is false, their own accounting system shows that the exact opposite is true. They say they are lending you money but in fact they have not risked a single dime of their assets. The truth is on your side and that gives you the strength you need to wipe out your debts and we show you how to use it to your advantage in eliminating the fraudulent debt they have placed upon you by deception, while they fully know they cannot do this because it is against the law. Be sure to read the law on how this is done HERE

All information presented here is for education purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.
Read all the presented information before making any choice to eliminate your credit cards or other debts.